Rita was recommended to me in 2007 when my accounts were in serious turmoil! I had a staff member leave only to find out they were not only incapable but had also been embezzling funds from the company... needless to say things were in a major mess and we needed someone to take charge of the bookkeeping and sort out issues which dated back years before.

Rita’s attention to detail, experience and ‘forensic’ accounting skills soon made the disaster look far more manageable. This allowed me to focus on the business itself and not be concerned with how the books were being run.

Rita and her staff were very trustworthy and capable and went out of their way to assist me in getting the business back on track, Rita was also happy to interview new staff to ensure a smooth transition.

I still get Rita in from time to time just to ensure everything is in order, she is always positive, helpful, efficient and a pleasure to deal with.

I would strongly recommend her to any business that needs a helping hand!

Tim Marshman

Black Box Productions