Why Use Us

How we are different

Red To Black is made up of management accountants and bookkeepers.

Our teams include at least one qualified accountant (providing management accounting services) and several bookkeepers and admin staff (providing bookkeeping and back end office services).

We do not offer Tax Accounting services. These are typically external to the business, while we like to get our hands dirty from the inside!

We work together with your Tax Accountant, acting as the conduit to the business owner. We build strong, long lasting relationships and add value to the business owner and tax accountant alike.

By training our already experienced bookkeepers in good accounting practices we can ensure the highest quality work for our clients.


Why use our management accountants?

Your business will already have a tax accountant that helps you to file your annual tax return. They may also provide you with value added services such as annual planning.

However typically your tax accountant will not have the resources to spend time in your business on a frequent “as needed” basis for ensuring that you get the best out of your accounts.

And in today’s tough economic climate no business can wait until the end of the year to find out whether they made a profit.

Your accounts are the lifeline of your business and it is imperative that you be able to measure accurately this ‘pulse’ on an ongoing basis.

Our management accountants provide a wealth of financial control services, such as:

  • Reviewing and improving your business services
  • Cleaning up incorrect and missing financial data
  • Providing accurate profit and loss / cashflow reports
  • Reviewing and setting up budgets
  • Reviewing performance against budgets
  • Identifying areas to focus on for improving performance

There are other services that qualified accountants and bookkeeper can deliver legally including:

  • Lodgement of IAS
  • Lodgement of BAS
  • ATO compliance

Why use our bookkeepers?

Red To Black uses trained, experienced bookkeepers to ensure that your business operates as smoothly as possible. They work under the close supervision of our management accountants to ensure your business runs effectively and any issues can be identified and resolved before they cause problems.

Primary responsibilities include making sure that financial data is correctly coded according to your chart of accounts and transactions are handled correctly. This then ensures that your financial data can be relied on to make management decisions.

There are a lot of people out there claiming to be bookkeepers, simply because they have used a program such as MYOB. This does not make them qualified and in our time we have seen all kinds of messes created by inexperienced staff – that take a very long time to unravel. Do not take that chance.

Why use our administration staff?

Our administration staff are also trained and experienced, so you can trust them with your back end office operations.

Additionally, hiring us to provide staff means that you are covered through periods of illness or personal leave, because we can backfill with other trained administration staff cover and continue to support your business.

Beware of unregistered bookkeepers

One final word is to beware of service providers or individuals that claim to be bookkeepers but have little or no training and are not registered BAS agents.

Legally only registered BAS Agents are allowed to submit the BAS statements.

Red To Black only uses our registered BAS agents, with BAS Agent Number to submit your BAS so you can rest assured that you are being provided competent services by professionals that are up to date with the latest legislative requirements.